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What is NFT?

What is NFT

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are used to represent ownership of unique items, through the tokenising process, mainly for creative works including arts, collectibles, images, music, digital content, gaming items, etc.. Buyers and Sellers can trade the NFTs in the marketplaces such as WATT. 

Protection Features for Owners

Each NFT is unique, which cannot be copied, replaced, or deleted, due to its infrastructure of blockchain. All the transaction records are visible to the public where everyone can verify its authenticity and ownership of assets.

Application of NFT

Common NFTs include digital images, paintings, videos, short films, games, or anime’s virtual characters and equipment, but can also be other substances or even real objects.

NFT Merging with Art

Each NFT is unique. 

It transforms paintings, sounds, films, in-game items, or other forms of creative works into NFT. 

The information of the artwork recorded through NFT can ensure its uniqueness.

NFT Art Exhibition

NFT Artwork Successful Case Studies

Advantage of NFT

  • Uniqueness Each NFT is bound to a certain collection of the holder and cannot be copied, therefore it is naturally scarce.
  • Authenticity NFT is equivalent to a public ledger, everyone can verify its authenticity and ownership of assets.
  • Intellectual Property Rights For any intellectual property rights, such as song copyright, film copyright, picture copyright, painting copyright, invention patent, etc. It can be authenticated by NFT. In simple terms, it is equivalent to attaching an unchangeable and unique barcode behind everything. As a method to confirm and identify the copyright of the asset.

The Rewards the Artists are Going to Reap

Expected benefits of Watt NFT solution service

  • Upload the NFT of the work
  • NFT sales revenue
  • NFT re-sales revenue share


The expected effect of Watt NFT solution service

  • Increase global exposure (50+ countries and regions in the world)
  • Expansion of sales channels (e-commerce, e-sports, concerts, dance conventions, two-dimensional animation, and other fields)
  • A platform for exchange ideas with other artists from different industries and interaction with fans
  • Opportunities to participate in online and offline Watt activities
  • Opportunities to build a network with sponsors and partners